Wednesday, February 9, 2011

stuck in the computer lab...

omg so im in the computer lab hey and i really need to print something way way way important!!! but the stupid little printer doesnt want to work!!! UGGGGGHHHHH stupid physics project...

5th post...2nd paragraph...som im sooo amping to see my baba on friday havent seen her in too long and its the BISHOPS VALENTINES DAY PICNIC/CONCERT gonna be such a sick vaaaaabe :)what to wear what to wear :)

so i just had my german class now and we were laughing at the grade 8s first assessment without their teacher there... "Ich Heise Herr Frau" "ich gehts mir gut en jou?" what cute little people :) i wonder if we were that lame back then...NAH not even possible :) we were way to cool to put afrikaans in our german...did you know that german is one of the national languages of scottland and berlin is a country :) gotta love those retards :)

signing out

P.S uzma why did you change our background???

Sunday, February 6, 2011

10 : 40 pm !!!

well me being me ... i am lying in my bed unable to fall asleep ! a.g.a.i.n ahhh .

Anyway i just wanted to tell the people who will or even are reading this blog that i have read the most amazing dark yet extremely compelling and romantic book .

Great now the bad thing now is that i don't really want to be awake i mean after all i have a pretty hectic day ahead of me ;this is totally besides the fact that i have to wake up at like what ? 5 am ??? to study ,well go over my work for my geo and science test tomorrow ! Its only been 2 weeks and a bit and they want to kill us (i mean that in a very in between light) .Don't get me wrong i looove grade 10 but its a heck of alot of work ... not to mention all the stuff happening around valentines day which i must say is just the cherry on top ( i don't even know if its a good or bad cherry)

owel i seen to be done with expressing my anger issues :)
sooo goodnight and wish me good luck for my tests
p.s the book is called fallen by Lauren Kate and the second one is called torment ,the third id called passion but has not come out yet :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

omg!! well there you have it my best friends (sister from another misters ) first entrty ... :) i an extremley proud of u hahah i think i forgot that we had a blog cuz ive been soooooooo busy !!!

it is hectic shiz so anyway here is the 3rd entry :) second paragraph to be exact :) i think im starting to love science i have no clue how on earth that is like possible .... i mean k i had the same teacher last year and not to freak u out (i was btw) hes a tad perv ,,,, if u get what im saying .... i mean we knew he dosnt do it on purpose so it was fine :) oh my sak and dont evn get me started on the maths teacher if it wernt for my friend ''jane'' (fake name ):):) poking me awake half the tym i would be sleeping!!!!! hmph that says something about schools hey ....

and dont even get me started on the after school activities and the homework and stuff !!!! i am soooo regreting taking 4 subjects ! but i still love it .... u know its like a love hate love and then hate again vibe :) and if it wernt for this green tea (saarah would be proud ) i would be a.s.l.e.e.p ... at 8 pm !!!

well i am so sorry to leave u guys :) but i have homework to to :) hope u like our (shup) blog :)
toodles <3

Sup all my Hobos :)

hey guys :)

okay so my name is Saarah and me and my best friend Uzma have a exciting is that :) she made tha last post and its been awhile since either of us updated our fab page sooo here it vey first entry!!! EEEEK

we were on the phone one evening and uzzi was all "OMG lets start a blog!!!" so i just kind of went along with it :) its called in the moment because well we tend to speak our thoughts as they come to us and we're willing to embarrass ourselves by putting them on the internet...we're just that cool :)

okay i feel like im about to DIE i need an insanely awesome project idea for my physics class by TOMORROW or its minus 2.5% like WTF is that even allowed...and its got to be original and creative...sdince when is this an art class... my my my school these days...what has it come to :) but at least i have my friends to make it worth actually going...hahaha

sooo my other friend *jenny (she wouldnt want me to use her actaul name) is pretty sure that coral is a fish , can swim and gets eaten by whale :) and that cell numbers should have 9 didgits instead of her into Volkenburg...ASAP still love her though :)
okay so i think ive ramble on enough for one day, dont you?

peace out babes :) xoxx

Monday, January 17, 2011

hi :)

hey :) well since my best friend and I decided one day that we were going to start a blog ... and well here it is .Its not much to look at ,at the moment but since this OUR first entry i don't think it has to be that good or that long . So just to inform the people out there who will end up reading this blog , this is a blog just about things we come up with, fun moments we have had , problems that have occurred and even things we might want to be totally angry about ( just by the way we call that venting) .
Since I have nothing else I think I should say ,I wish you farewell (as in goodbye )